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III Congress and meeting of the Board of Executives of WMMAA in St. Petersburg, Russia – WMMAA

Published on 12 April 2013

lOn April 8th, 2013 the meeting of the Board of Executives of WMMAA was held in St. Petersburg, Russia as a part of WMMAA III Congress’ program. Delegates of 14 member countries were present at the meeting. The speakers were Fedor Emelianenko – the Honorable President of WMMAA, Vadim Finkelchtein – President of WMMAA and Dmitro Khrystyuk – first vice-president of the Association.

Representatives from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, the Netherlands, Latvia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Moldova and other countries were discussing major issues of holding regional championships planned for 2013.

Important questions related to activities of the Association and its members were discussed, future development of MMA worldwide and main goals of WMMAA. It was agreed to integrate the unified ID system for all WMMAA members.

Kiev, Ukraine was decided to be a host city for European MMA Championship 2013 in June and Moscow, Russia will host the World MMA Championship in September; Regulations and Rules were amended; event scheduled was approved; membership fees were established. The official website is already launched –

Representatives of National Federations reported on their activities in certain regions, had personal meetings with members of the Executive Board.

The next Congress will be held in Ukraine in June prior to the European MMA Championship.

Below you can read the Regulations and Rules of the competition, as well as the invitation to the tournament.

RULES (.docx)     RULES (.pdf)