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GMC OlimpX Grappling #3 results

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On February the 18th in 2017 the amateur department of Germany’s biggest MMA league hosted their third Grappling Tournament „GMC OlimpX Grappling #3“. For the first time the event was sanctioned by GAMMAF and took place in the heart of the Ruhr area where FightClub Gelsenkirchen offered several competition areas for more than 60 participants out of more than 20 Gyms across the state. The tournament offered 6 weight classes for beginners and 4 weight classes for advanced grapplers. After five exciting hours and a lot of finishes the results stood firm: Beginner -66 kg1) Khurshed Kakhor (Fight Club Gelsenkirchen)2) Patrick Herrmann (Gladiators MMA Duisburg)3) Fazliddini Sadriddin (Arena Dortmund) Beginner -70 kg1) Asif Ghanizada (Gladiators MMA Duisburg)2) Cagri Ucar (Arena Dortmund)3) Ian Verspai (Combat Club Bonn) Beginner -77 kg1) Viktor Pobivanez (Saiya Gym)2) Fabian Stein (Combat Club Cologne)3) Max Temberg (Fight Club Gelsenkirchen) Beginner -84 kg1) Jabrail Dulatov (Pride Gym Düsseldorf)2) Jamal Majidi (Fight Club Gelsenkirchen)3) Nawid Benawa (Integra Fight Team) Beginner -93 kg1) Fabian Reiter (Combat Club Cologne)2) Kevin Kallus (Fight Club Gelsenkirchen)3) Florian Naumann (Taifun LL) Beginner +93 kg1) Boris Zorc (Combat Club Cologne)2) Dominic Stroß (Gladiators MMA Duisburg)3) Timon Aunkofer (Gladiators MMA Duisburg) Advanced -70 kg1) Eddy Pobivanez (Saiya Gym)2) Soliev Bekzodt (Fight Departement)3) Khalid Taha (Arena Dortmund) Advanced -77 kg1) Naser Wahabi (Taifun LL)2) Soliev Bekzdodt (Fight Departement)3) David Diener (Anaconda Krefeld) Advanced -84 kg1) Stefan Larisch (MMA Lindlar)2) Sven Groten (Combat Club Cologne)3) Anthoney Adotey (Team Loxondonta) Advanced -93 kg1) Christian Skorzik (Fight Akademie Mönchengladbach)2) David Hess (MMA Lindlar)3) Saeed Yunesi (Pride Gym Düsseldorf)

Participants as well as spectators don’t have to wait too long for the fourth edition of this tournament, hosted once again in Gelsenkirchen on April the 2nd. In the meantime everybody is looking forward to revisit the FightClub on March the 5th for the MMA Amateur Event „GMC OlimpX MMA #3“, also sanctioned by GAMMAF