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German Amateur MMA Federation in interview with GFN – World Mixed Martial Arts Association – We are the future of MMA

Published on 04 November 2015 germany-13

Every national federation in the WMMAA family should put as much efforts as possible in promoting MMA, the federation itself and WMMAA as a whole. Our German MMA Federation did just that during an interview with one of the most popular MMA outlets in Germany called German Fight News.

We present you the translated version and some photos from the recent meeting.

Who stands behind the GAMMAF?

The GAMMAF (German Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Federation) is a non-profit and non-political organization and a member of the WMMAA (World Mixed Martial Arts Association), a World Association.

We have a mission. We want to make MMA to an officially recognized sport in Germany and build a wide base in amateur sport. There is no other sport in the world, which is so quickly developing. The publicity, the number of athletes and fans has been growing in Germany. Whether clubs, associations or events, their number is constantly growing and they act more professional. The opportunities and possibilities of the MMA sport seem to be limitless. The growth of the MMA sport requires a nationally active organization that brings together all the forces and all the potential of the MMA sport in Germany. Only that way can we together achieve the official recognition of the MMA sport.

The GAMMAF meets this challenge in Germany. Along with all athletes, associations and clubs, we want to create a common institution as a contact place for all interested people, who represent the German MMA in Germany and give their voice international validity. We can provide it only working together with all Clubs and Associations.

What are your medium- and long-term plans?

Our next goal is the official recognition of the MMA in Germany, thus creating ideal conditions for the development of the sport and the athletes in Germany.

We want to set a classification from beginners to professionals of the sport in Germany. It should ensure all conditions for continuous development of athletes. We are very interested in amateur sport. We also create a brochure about all the techniques.

The GAMMAF will organize the national championships in the future and give the possibility to participate in the international championships / European and World Championships of WMMAA in order to promote the amateur and youth sports. We are the only organization that take into account these two groups (amateur / junior) in determining its standards and rules. So we want to give the opportunity to young people and amateurs to develop and gain experience on international stage. In addition we also want to open this sport for women and bring them closer to the MMA.

Why should athletes become members in GAMMAF, what profits will they get from it?

Through membership in the GAMMAF the athletes can participate in international WMMAA-sanctioned competitions and later start a professional career. This year 3 of our members participate in the World amateur Championship on 26-29 November in Prague. We support our 3 participants quite solidly with sports equipment and we pay their travel costs. In addition, each of these fighters will get a bonus of €1,000 for their victory of the World Championship from the Association.

We have a set of rules, which effectively protects the health of our active members. This ensures athletes will have a long and successful career in the sport. Since we decided to get an official recognition of MMA in Germany, every athlete pays for a membership in the Association in order to contribute to the formal recognition by the politics. The official recognition leads to much better training conditions in the future for the athletes. Additionally the better reputation comes within the population.

A membership in our organization until the end of 2016 is free of charge. Only together we can do it.

How realistic is the thought of having MMA one day in the Olympic Games?

Since the rings at the Olympic disciplines in 708 BC and later in 688 BC boxing were introduced, the main question was: Who is the best fighter? A boxer or a wrestler? This question gave the actual birth of the MMA sport. At the beginning it was called pankration. In the year 648 AD this type of sport became an Olympic (33rd Olympic Games). Pankration should have finally answered that question in the best interests of all fighters, the best martial arts styles. Pankration means “all the power” or “the whole strength.”

MMA is becoming more and more popular in Germany. More and more schools are taking up martial arts MMA in their program. The inclusion of techniques from the different martial arts and the possibilities it offers but also its complexity attracts many people. The athletes come from all social ranks. This and our regulatory framework will lead to a wide recognition of the sport in Germany. In many countries, MMA is now more popular than boxing and in more than 40 countries it’s officially acknowledged. Every year we participate in the World Congress of WMMAA where it comes to the question regarding the rules for amateur athletes, so that an acknowledgment can be attained in all countries where it is possible. All that and the history of this sport in the long term will lead to an admission of the MMA in the program of the Olympic Games.

Do you plan a round table with the politics, other officials and athletes in Germany in the near future?

Definitely. We already try to work closely with the politicians, sport officials and athletes from the different martial arts. After the World Championships in Prague we will intensify our efforts significantly.

Let’s look ahead. Where do you see yourself as an association in 5-10 years?

The first thing I see is that our sport is finally recognized in Germany. In all German Federal Lands there is a national association and there are German amateur championships every year. We can send a strong German team to every World Cup and World Championship. As we speak we are in a process of building a sports academy for coaches and trainers. We have also published a textbook for the MMA.

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