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Gamzat Khiramagomedov: “I intend to keep working and making my fans happy” – World Mixed Martial Arts Association – We are the future of MMA

Published on 03 December 2015

Middleweight champion of the world Gamzat Khiramagomedov is not going to slow down after the pinnacle of his amateur career.

– Gamzat, share with us your experience at the World Championship in Prague.

– The experience is the best possible I must say. After much work that I had done it’s time to catch a breath for a little. Still, I’m not going to relax on my laurels. I have a fight scheduled at the SuperCup against Ramazan Gamzatov. After that fight I’ll be able to rest normally.


At the World Championship I had 4 bouts. Assessing my opponents I can say they all were good fighters. The hardest battle I had was againt a warrior from Georgia. He would not give up, extremely powerful,  good wrestler. I injured my left arm that’s why I coudln’t show my best in the finals. However, I’m so happy I made my people smile, expecially my brother Gadzhimurad who puts a lot of effort into me. He’s always happier than me when I win, he’s my biggest fan.

– How many fights had you had so far this year?

– All in all 8 amateur fights and 1 pro bout. Being planned are more fights next year that will make my fans smile.


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