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European MMA Championship in Kyiv Official Results – WMMAA

Published on 17 June 2013

2013 June, 15. Kiev (Ukraine).

Open European MMA Championship successfully went off on June 15, 2013 in Kyiv (Ukraine) on the territory of the fitness-health centre “Restograd Imperia” under the auspices of the World Association of MMA (WMMAA).



There was an enormous amount of followers who came to watch the Championship. Qualifying duel meets started from 9am and the opening ceremony of the final part of the Championship was at 6pm. The competition lasted until 9pm. Approximately 150 best sportsmen from 26 countries took part in six weight categories. There was no compromise but fair fight! Live translation of the final fights was shown on the channel “Boycovskiy Club”.

The competition of such scale is a big honor for the organizers. The Championship was held at the highest level and corresponded to the best world standards.

The Competition was held by: chairman of the organizing committee Dmitry Victorovich Khrystyuk, members of the committee: Vladimir Khlopan, Vahobdzan Muratov, Aleksey Natarov, Dmitry Zagumenniy, Aleksey Lazko, Natalia Czar, Dmitry Ilushenko, Jury Cikalenko, Oleg Rozhkevich, Aleksandr Strakhov, Sergey Strakhov, Vladimir Soldatenko, Dmitry Sinyak and others.

Diplomas were awarded for the personal contribution into the MMA development and assistance with Open European MMA Championship holding to the following people:

  • Ravil Safiullin – Minister of Youth and Sport of Ukraine;
  • Vadim Sisyk – Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport of Ukraine;
  • Artur Palatniy – Head of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of family, youth politics, sport and tourism;
  • Dmitry Khrystyk – First Vice-President of the WMMAA, (President of the League of Martial Arts of Ukraine);
  • Jury Cikalenko – First Vice-President of the League of Martial Arts of Ukraine;
  • Oleg Rozhkevich – Vice-President of the League of Martial Arts of Ukraine;
  • Aleksandr Strakhov – President of the League of Martial Arts M-1 of Ukraine;
  • Vladimir Soldatenko – Head of the League of Martial Arts of Ukraine in Kyiv Region;

Also: Anatoliy Prisyazhnyk, Vitaly Zakharchenko, Oleg Bakhmatyk, Valeriy Ksenzenko and others.

On the high level was the official rewarding ceremony for the Championship winners. Medals, cups, diplomas and precious presents were given by Fedor Emelyanenko, Vadym Finkelshtein, Dmitriy Khrystyk, Jury Cikalenko, Oleg Rozhkevich, Aleksandr Strakhov. Also in ceremony took part Olympic championess in bullet shooting – Elena Kostevich and Olympic championess in track and field athletics Natalia Dobrynskaya.

Performance of popular youth band and festive firework brought to an end the Championship.

Hosts of Tournament showed a very high result. Team Ukraine took second place and it already has two gold and two bronze medals. Guys from Team Moldova improved and gained the third place. Team Russia showed their professionalism and got the first place.

Official results of the Open European Championships
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

65,8 kg

1. Said Nurmagomedov (Russia) 2. Valery Velikov (Bulgaria) 3. Archil Taziashvilli (Georgia)

3. Merey Zhubanov (Kazakhstan)


Up to 70,3 kg 1. Oleg Khachaturov (Ukraine) 2. Manuel Ferro (Italy) 3. Eugeni Tkach (Moldova)

3. Latsonas Panagiotis (Greece)


Up to 77,1 kg 1. Alexey Belozertsev (Russia) 2. Grigory Panfiliy (Moldova) 3. Taleh Nadjafzade (Azerbaijan)

3. George Butikashvili (Georgia)


Up to 84 kg 1. Ruslan Busel (Ukraine) 2. Aziz Dzhurmaniyazov (Russia) 3. Franchesco Controversa (Italy)

3. Nodar Kudukhashvili (Georgia)


Up to 93 kg 1. Rashid Yusupov (Russia) 2. Azimjon Begijonov (Tajikistan) 3. Stanislav Kutin (Ukraine)

3. Victor Bargan (Moldova)


More than 93 kg 1. Ilya Scheglov (Russia) 2. Anatoly Tsiumak (Romania) 3. Roman Adamenko (Ukraine)

3. Joseph Lee (Korea)


Team results:

1. Russia 2. Ukraine

3. The Republic of Moldova