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Emelianenko – Maldonado appeal result to be declared soon by WMMAA

WMMAA   /   News   /   Emelianenko – Maldonado appeal result to be declared soon by WMMAA As everyone knows The World Mixed Martial Arts Association (WMMAA) has received an appeal from Stefano Sartori, manager of Brazilian fighter Fabio Maldonado, to reassess the result of his June 17th fight with Fedor Emelianenko, which headlined an event in Saint Petersburgh, Russia. Team Maldonado believes Maldonando should have won the decision, or the fight declared a draw at the very least, in their opinion. Team Maldonando has appealed the decision on grounds that there was an obvious conflict of interest in terms of the Russian MMA Union judges and their close association with Fedor, as well as the quality of decisions they rendered.  Rather than appeal the decision to the Russian MMA Union, which they claimed would place Russian judges under intense pressure, Team Maldonando made the appeal directly to the WMMAA because the Russian MMA Union is a sanctioned member of the worldwide sanctioning body WMMAA. The appeal was accepted by WMMAA and its president announced that a group of international judges would reassess the tape of the fight in question and render their unbiased decision. This decision will be made known in a short while. Keep your eyes on to witness it first hand.

In the meantime you’ll get to know who the judges appointed by WMMAA are.