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Published on 12 February 2014

World Mixed Martial Arts Association (WMMAA) is looking for long-term cooperation with the national MMA organizations interested to be the representative of WMMAA and to develop MMA as an official sport in the following countries:


Our main requirements for applicants:

  • Official state registration of organization and constituent documents;
  • Agreement / accreditation by the National Olympic Committee or the recognition of MMA as an official sport by the state authorities;
  • The presence of “MMA” in the name of the organization;
  • Conducting of internal (national) championships and selections for international competitions;
  • Participation in all activities conducted under the auspices of the WMMAA;
  • Timely payment of membership fees.

Some advantages of expected cooperation:

  • Development of MMA on the official level;
  • Official representation of WMMAA in your country;
  • Permanent support from WMMAA in all your activities;
  • Annual seminars for coaches and judges;
  • Productive cooperation with colleagues all over the world;
  • Participation in World MMA Championship, European MMA Championship, MMA World Cup among national teams etc;
  • Advertisement of your country and promotion of the best athletes.

If you are interested please fill in entry form and application.

See also Membership requirements for more information.

Please send all filled in forms to the one of the following responsible persons:

The deadline of the tender – 01, April 2014

All applications will be reviewed by the Executive Board. The final decision will be based on competitive principle.