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2016 MMA Cup of Kazakhstan

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Between November 3 and 5 Kokshetau, Kazakhstan for the first time will be hosting an event of national scale.

The third annual Cup of Kazakhstan will take place in this city and the strongest athletes are expected to participate. It is expected that over 100 fighters will fly over to Kokshetau.

Kokshetau (Kazakh: Көкшетау / Kökşetaw/كٶكشەتاۋ), formerly known as Kokchetav (Russian: Кокчетав, until 1993) is the administrative center of Akmola Region, northern Kazakhstan. Population: 135,106 (2009 Census results).

Kokshetau was founded in 1824 by Russian military as an outpost. The name of the city is of Kazakh origin literally meaning “a smoky-blue mountain”. In 1868 it became a district center of Omskaya gubernia in the Russian Empire. In 1944 Kokchetav became the administrative center of the newly created Kokchetavskaya Oblast. In 1997 Kokshetau Oblast region was liquidated. In 1999 dueto an administrative changes in the structure of Akmola and North Kazakhstan regions Kokshetau became the center of Akmola Oblast.