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Published on 16 April 2015

Official results and report from 2015 Asian MMA Championship can be found here

Asian MMA Championship: photo gallery

This year’s Asian MMA Championship will hail from Khujand, Tajikistan on May 22-25 and will be held at the national Palace of Sports.

From this year on the weight categories are expended with one more weight so they include the following weights:

-61,2 kg; -65,8 kg; -70,3 kg; -77,1 kg; -84 kg; -93 kg; +93 kg.

Don’t forget that the registration in SportData and SportID are obligatory for the fighters that are going to participate in this (and other) championship(s) under the WMMAA banner.

The WMMAA’s judge seminar will be held at the venue as well.

Moreover, during the Asian MMA Championship a judge and referee seminar is planned to be held. More information here Find the regulations in the documents section


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